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Chester - Katie, Arizona

"Chester used to suffer from dry, itchy, irritated skin so we tried the Skin & Coat treats and within a week of giving one to him daily, he stopped scratching and his coat his shiny and healthy! He loves the taste too!"  

Paige, Arkansas

"My dogs used to always get really anxious and nervous any time we would get bad weather. Now, I give them Vetritionals Calming soft chews at the first sign of a storm and it keeps them calm throughout the bad weather." 

Panda - Sue, Alaska

"We have given these chews to our dog Panda, whom is now 16years old and I can honestly say that without them he would not be able to walk.  Two years ago his health was failing and he could barley get around.  He has been on a regiment of Vetritionals  chews and the difference is amazing.  We love our big baby and want him around as long as possible." 

Mabelline - Sally, Pennsylvania

"Mabelline broke her back leg when she was 6 months old.  Through the years she always held up her leg after a walk from soreness.  I tried all the supplements you see on tv such as Cosequin, but nothing works better than Vetritionals Joint and Hip supplement!  On just half the dose she carries full weight on her leg after walks!  I highly reccommend it for any dog with joint issues!!" 

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